St. Kate's OTA program was the first in the country and is still a leader in the OT field.

What is an OTA?

  • An occupational therapy assistant (OTA) helps people perform activities of daily living (ADL).

  • OTAs assist clients in recovering from injuries, disabilities or illnesses.

  • OTAs work with an occupational therapist (OT) in the development and execution of treatment plans for clients.

  • OTAs work in a number of settings, including hospitals, rehab centers, schools, nursing homes and retirement communities.

Why Become an Ota?

  • OTA is a growing, diverse healthcare profession that is in demand.

  • OTA is a rewarding career where you can change the lives of clients.

  • OTAs rank as one of the best healthcare support jobs in the U.S. (U.S. News & World Report, 2018).

  • The need for OTAs is expected to grow by 29% by 2024 (BLS, 2018).

How Can St. Kate’s Help?

  • St. Kate’s OTA program meets requirements to sit for NBCOT exam.

  • St. Kate’s OTA program offers 24/7 tech support, dedicated admissions counselors and academic success coaches.

  • St. Kate’s OTA provides small class sizes and one-on-one attention from expert OT faculty.

  • The minimum requirement? A high school diploma.

St. Kate’s Online OTA Program Offers You:

  • Accessibility: Our three program starts a year get you moving on your degree without the wait—minimum requirement is a high school diploma.

  • Blended Curriculum: Our unique blend of 80% online and 20% onsite curriculum prepares you to take the NBCOT® Exam for OTA certification.

  • An Accredited, Quality Education: Our accredited program teaches to the latest OTA standards and practices so you can earn a quality associate’s degree.


“I decided to apply to the Online OTA program because it’s a faster route. In 16 months I could work as an OTA.”

Michelle, Online OTA graduate


“I have an amazing lab instructor who’s been my biggest advocate through this entire program and we have a great relationship.”

Alex, Online OTA student


“Occupational therapy is there to guide clients, and OTAs help them find ways to help them do the things that are meaningful to their everyday lives independently.”

Marie, Online OTA program graduate

“I love when students tell me, ‘If it weren’t for this program, I would not have been able to do this.’”

Becky Anderson, Director of Occupational Therapy Academic Services



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